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Olympic Plaza Shopping mall

For getting more details to our customer for reference, we are placing our machines to some of shopping mall for testing. This is one of the hot shopping mall in GZ city, Olympic Plaza Shopping mall where is located in Panyu District,GZ city.

Our candy cotton machine is placing in the entrance of the food court street, the brightness LED is attractive when customers can see it in distance.

There are a lots of family will hand out at night time, they wanna relax from high pressure working life. For children to say, they are exciting to see the machine with interesting candy cotton making, they asked theiry parents to buy 1pc. If you wanna use this machine for promotion, we could do promotion a free candy with our remote control function. When the machines starting, there are some ppl comes around to see what happen. the child is full of curiosity to see how is working for candy cotton making. Once the candy comes out, the child is happy to get it and sharing the happiness with their parent.
For more details of this funny vending machine, please contact with us.

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