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New DIY cotton candy machine

We have developed a new hand-made DIY cotton candy machine, step on the pedal and the cotton cayd will come out. There are 5 pedals representing 5 colors and flavors.

Customers can adjust the color and taste according to their preferences, or DIY different shapes of candy.

At Saturday in Shawan town, we put this machine for a market testing, which is a traditional tourist area including restaurant, hotel, stores and some bars, has a population of about 10,000, with aborigines accounting for about 60%.

At the beginning, many people felt it is very interesting and came to see. After learning that our machine can make cotton candy, the children were very interested, and they all wanted to try it. After about an hour, we have sold 17 candies out.

Many customers consulted the details of our machine and expressed that they want to buy one in their store.

At the same time, after this market research, we have also got some market feedback. Next, we will continue to improve this machine, and then launch it to the market as soon as possible.

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