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Every new product come out, we will go to market to test and get more feedback to improve our product before release.
24th and 25th, we went to Junming funny world with 2 units of DIY cotton candy machine, total we have earned ¥4500, especially on 25th, Christmas and weekend, many family went outside for shopping, when the children see the shape of candy, they will require parents to buy for them, so we have a very good business at that day.

According to some feedback from customers, they like the DIY, because they can stimulate children’s creativity and practical skills, children also enjoy it, they can try the fruits of their labor.
For some teenagers, they like to take pictures and post to social media, especially when the cotton in very special shape.

In next week, we will continue going to market and get more feedback from customers. Warmly invite you to our liveshow that time.

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