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Cotton Candy Machine - T95

Cotton Candy Machine - T91

Cotton Candy Machine - T91

Mini Cotton Candy Machine

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Guangzhou Fun Vending Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, currently located in Panyu, Guangzhou, covering 3800 square meters and having R&D department, sales department, production department,OCdepartment and after-sales department.

Fun Vending receiving attention from CCTV live news at 133rd Canton Fair 2023


Less investment and high return quickly

Less investment, high repurchase rate, high gross profit and strong profitability



One person can manage 20 ma-chines 


Widely applicabie scenarios

In recent years, the mobile phone case market has maintained rapid and continuous growth



patented technology

Many patents and certificates

Our Advantages product


Ul design

24h service

Theme design



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TIMEZONE visit our factory

Introduced the new machine to distributors, who were full of praise We were honored to receive customers from TIMEZONE for […]

cotton candy machines

Machines shipped to Spain

The assembly and acceptance of the marshmallow machine is completed and shipped to Spain   We successfully completed the production of 12 […]

mini cotton candy machine

Portable cotton candy machine

Low cost and high profit,make a cotton candy in 60 seconds The latest Mini marshmallow machine developed by our company […]

Happy New Year

Fun Vending New Year Party

Happy New Year to everyone We held a happy party and everyone had a great time together. We had fun […]

Canton Fair

Popular at the 133rd Canton Fair

During the Canton Fair, our booth was very popular, and customers chose to place orders on site or make appointments […]

GTI Asia China Expo

GTI Asia China Expo

GTI is an internationally renowned professional platform for the amusement and amusement industry. Our company participated in this exhibition with […]


Freguently Answered Questions

About cotton candy machine

The machine operates 100% automatically, however it is necessary to carry out a daily cleaning and also to recharge the machine with inputs such as: sugars, straws and water. Each refill can produce up to 250 cotton candy.
It is up to the machine owner to decide whether to hire an employee or to perform this work himself each day before working hours.

The machine weighs approximately 300 kg, has wheels and can be transported and/or relocated when necessary.

Yes, with the signed contract, you will have full support from our team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The machine system accepts payments by credit and debit cards and cash.

4 flavors. The flavors are defined by color: Blue = Raspberry, White = Vanilla, Red = Strawberry and Yellow = Pineapple.
Every 1 hour, the machine produces 30 cotton candy. This means 1 cotton candy every 2 minutes – (between payment and production by the robot).

About automatic mobile phone case printer


The shelf life of the ink is not opened for 1 year, and the shelf life after opening is 6 months

You must use the ink provided by our company, otherwise there may be poor pictures in the color.

Yes, there are certificates such as RoHS、REACH、 MSDS and other certificates

No, you must use the mobile phone case and mobile phone case mold provided by our company

The direction of the mobile phone case camera should be correct, and the mobile phone case mold is completely placed in the cargo frame to avoid the damage of the robot or mold

Add ink → injection ink → cleaning → nozzle state map


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We designed and manufactured the first automatic cotton candy machine

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