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Case of Lijiang, Yunnan

Lijiang is located in the southwestern border of my country, in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province. It has the title of World Cultural Heritage, World Natural Heritage Site (“Three Parallel Rivers” Reserve), World Intangible Cultural Heritage Site, and Famous Chinese Historical and Cultural City.

Since its establishment, it has been playing the role of regional political and ethnic cultural education center, Yunnan-Tibet trade, and Sino-Indian trade hub.

There are still 6,269 households living in the ancient city of Lijiang, with a total of 25,279 people.

In this beautiful tourist city, the daily passenger flow reaches 60,000 people, annual passenger flow exceeds 500,000.

Our customers choose to put the cotton candy machine in a prosperous place, every day the machines are lined up, many people are waiting to play.

On holidays, the average daily turnover can reach to 2000 RMB, and around 400RMB on working days, which is definitely a revenue weapon.

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