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Warmly celebrate Season Amusement and Unis Technology officially signed an in-depth cooperation agreement

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On October 23, 2021 morning, Season Amusement and UNIS Technology formally held the signing ceremony of “Hand in Hand, Deep Cooperation”.

Under the witness of the officiating guests, Mr Lu from UNIS Technology, Mrs Emma from Season Amusement , and Mr Sun from Season Amusement jointly signed an in-depth cooperation agreement, which opened a new journey for the future development of Season Amusement and UNIS Technology.

In a pleasant atmosphere, Mr Lu, the representative of UNIS Technology, expressed his gratitude to everyone for their continued support and help, Hope we can support each other and create more achievements. He believes that a group of wise and like-minded people will go farther and fly higher together.

Mrs Emma, the representative of Season Amusement, also expressed her gratitude to UNIS Technology for providing opportunities for cooperation and the selfless support and encouragement of the team. Hope we will work harder and cherish more than before, and then do things better, just like Mr. Lv said the same, we believe that the future will be “win,win,win”.

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