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Exhibition review–

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Unprecedentedly grand expo while Season Amusement never stops innovation

On November 5, 2021, the 13th Guangzhou Amusement Equipment International Industry Exhibition (GTI 2021) officially ends. Looking back on the 3-day exhibition, every customer who came to Season’s booth would probably express their sincere admiration. It’s beautiful and lively! Of course, more venue operators have seen unlimited business opportunities from the products on display. So, let us review the performance of Season Amusement at the Guangzhou Exhibition together!

The coolness of late autumn in Guangzhou did not stop the customers’ footsteps. Season Amusement booth was full of enthusiasm and visitors, and the business atmosphere was very strong. The voices of the venue industry for consultation and negotiation can be seen everywhere, and they are full of enthusiasm. At this exhibition, Season exhibited a complete range of gift machines and a wide variety of varieties. Many buyers who came to the exhibition found the products they needed and finalized the details of cooperation on the spot.

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