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MINI version of cotton candy machine in kindergarten

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How do children react when they see marshmallows? What was the child’s reaction the moment they got the marshmallow? Can you imagine it? In the past week, our company was honored to be invited to a kindergarten to participate in their garden activities. This time, we brought the company’s latest product, the MINI version of the cotton candy machine, to bring a big surprise to the children. When our machine is running at a high speed, the marshmallow is also formed step by step. Seeing the expectant eyes of the children, our master is also concentrating on making marshmallows.

When the marshmallows are ready, the children are very happy to get the marshmallows they want. There was a foreign teacher who couldn’t control himself when he saw such a good machine, so he tried it himself.

For more information about this cotton candy machine, you can pay attention to our store and consult our salesman.

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