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Common problems and solutions of smart gravity cabinets

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1. No cooling at all

Answer: Check whether the power plug is off? The circuit breaker and fuse are broken? Is there a power outage or a part of the line has tripped?

Plug it back in. Open the refrigerator door and see if the light is on.

2. Abnormal noise

Answer: Check whether the refrigerator is placed steadily? Does the refrigerator touch the wall?

Adjust the adjustment feet of the refrigerator. Leave the wall.

3. Poor cooling effect

Answer: Check if there is too much stored food or hot food? Frequent opening and closing of doors or food bags caught in the door seal? Direct sunlight or close to the stove or stove? Poor ventilation? Is the temperature set to a high gear?

Put the hot food in after it has cooled down. Check and close the door. Move the refrigerator away from the heat source. Leave a distance and maintain good ventilation. Set to a suitable temperature.

4. The food in the refrigerator is frozen

Answer: Check whether the temperature setting of the refrigerator compartment is too low? Is the frozen food close to the inner wall?

Reset the temperature of the refrigerator compartment. Leave the frozen food out of the inner wall of the refrigerator.

5. There is a peculiar smell in the refrigerator

Answer: Check for spoiled food? Does the refrigerator need to be cleaned? Is there any packaging for heavy-tasting foods?

Throw away spoiled food. Clean the refrigerator. Pack the heavy-tasting food.

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