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Thanks to the efforts of all parties, the GTI Guangzhou Exhibition finally went on smoothly on November 6. Although the relationship between the epidemic has been postponed for a while, all exhibitors have taken this belated exhibition seriously. In this exhibition, we showed the latest upgraded version of cotton candy vending machine-Caiyunjuan series

The upgrade of the marshmallow machine exhibited this time is based on the guests’ suggestions during the use and their experience.

From the appearance point of view, the involvement of this machine can better show that it is a cotton candy machine at a glance. The 3D luminous characters and the cotton candy shape are set up on the top of the head and next to the chassis, respectively. With the color of the chassis and lighting, the machine looks more dynamic.

In this exhibition, many people can see this particularly conspicuous machine from a distance. They all came to our booth to find out.

Among them, some children who followed their parents to visit, saw this machine cast curious eyes. We can’t let the children come back disappointed. The materials used in these marshmallows are all tested, and the food safety quality is the highest level.

This machine provides another way for sales. For businesses, the revenue of this machine is relatively objective; for customers, this machine can both play and eat, killing two birds with one stone.

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