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Year-end party of Funvending

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The busy 2021 has passed, and 2022, full of expectations, is coming to us. A new year brings new goals and hopes. The 2022 annual meeting of Guangzhou Fun Vending Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was held on January 21, and all the employees of the company and the leaders of the company gathered together to spend the party together. 

The conference kicked off with a speech from our boss. Afterwards, the leaders came to the stage in turn to give an annual summary and send New Year wishes to all employees. Then, the company leaders issued various awards and encouraged the winning employees to continue their efforts, play an exemplary role in the new year, and make new contributions.

The program of this annual meeting is splendid and dizzying. The awards and lottery sessions were also interspersed in the middle. With the receipt of various awards, the climax of the annual meeting was constantly set off. The annual meeting not only brought laughter to everyone, but also brought colleagues closer to each other. The cordial interaction between company leaders and employees, and the exciting lottery activities made  the whole party was full of climaxes, showing everyone’s joy and harmony. 

The glorious 2021 has passed, and 2022, full of hope and challenges, is quietly approaching. In the past year, we have smiled, faced hardships, and gained harvests. Expect of 2022, we will not forget our original aspirations and forge ahead. Let us continue to work hard and strive for a better tomorrow.   

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