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Venture version automatic cotton candy machine

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Machine Model: MHT20B-Automatic Cotton Candy Machine
Dimensions: 190x930x600mm
Maximum power: 2.5KW
Voltage: 220V
Machine net weight: ~180kg
Clean water consumption: 25 sugar/liter
Sugar consumption: 25 sugar/KG
Operation screen size: 20.5 inches
Video format: MP4
Use environment temperature: indoor use, 10℃~30℃

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Product Description

1. Fully automatic operation, unattended
2. Industrial control 4-axis robotic arm, precise and stable
3.15 kinds of colors and shapes, optional
4. Automatic humidification, automatic constant temperature, automatic cleaning of the burner
5. Touch + large advertising screen, easy to operate and better visual effects
6. Professional high-profile hardware design, durable life

Robots make cotton candy! More than that, the robot makes 15 kinds of marshmallows for you! Young has no limits, and it can be even more fashionable! It is a trendy marshmallow machine and also a place for Internet celebrities to check in! Reward, play, eat, show!
Fancy cotton candy machine-new heights! New attitude!

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