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Sugar Painting Machine

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Power consumption of the whole machine: 300w-600w
Voltage: 220v
Machine size: W730mmD710mmH1970mm
Packed size of the machine: 830*810*2100mm
Machine net weight: 110KG
Gross weight of the machine: 140kg
Use environment: indoor temperature 10℃-30℃
Screen size: 15.6 inches
Video format: MP4

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Product Description

1. AI intelligent scanning, accurately restore pictures
2. The closed working area and the operation area are separated to prevent the human body from touching the high temperature and ensure safety
3. Automatic feeding system, time-saving and efficient
4. The post-box structure design makes projecting and painting more ceremonial

Modern technology continues traditional culture!
The intangible cultural heritage-sugar painting, is a traditional folk handicraft that originated from the “Sugar Prime Minister” in the Ming Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty novelist Chu Renhuo’s “Supplement to Jianhu” truly recorded the prevalence of sugar paintings: “The mellow sugar frost is called to the prime minister, and the guest feasts are not lonely; Su Qin recorded my sweetness, and Lin Fu honeyed the population. The abdomen. The mildew rain is still wet and the knees are bent a few times, and the fragrant wind warms the whole skin; the old paper paste pavilion, Tang Cheng will also be paper paste in the coming year, and gradually evolved into today’s sugar painting art.
With the development of the times, the inheritance of traditional intangible cultural heritage is becoming less and less. Today we use modern technology to continue traditional culture, so that more children can get in touch with and understand Chinese traditional culture from an early age.

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