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Single cabinet cotton candy machine

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Machine Model:FV-206candy-Single cabinet cotton candy machine

Power consumption:2400w

Clean water consumption:25 set cotton candy/L

Sugar consumption:25 set cotton candy/KG

Water consumption of humidifier:5L/8hour*2



Use environment:Indoor temperature:0°C-40°C

Screen size:21.5Inch

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Product Description

1.The Funvending Cotton Candy Vending Machine is a highly profitable sweets vending.Offer delicious, fluffy cotton candy on location without the need for an attendant.Easily make 32 fancy patterns.
2.Attractive cabinet design that lets the user watch the whole process from start to finish while fun music plays
3.Simple instructions are printed on the product vending door.
4.Self-cleaning mechanisms work to prevent sugar build-up and waste, keeping this in operation all the time.
5.Operator adjustable pricing;profit margin.
6.Has a good taste,a high repurchase rate, and it has a huge consumer group.
7.The audience is wide, men, women and children are all consumer groups.Wide application scenarios, squares, scenic spots, parks, kindergartens primary schools, training institutions, shopping malls, children theaters are all suitable, and there are many application scenarios. 8.The machine is unique enough, the production stage comes with its own ornamental, high product freshness, delicious and beautiful,to be photographed and punched in for promotion, and comes with its own Internet celebrity attributes.


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