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Ice cream vending machine

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Model: QF-B2101
Whole machine power consumption: 400w
Voltage: AC110~220V 50~60HZ
Machine size: W1300mmD1000mmH2350mm
Packing size of the machine: vertical package 1380*1080*2200mm, horizontal package 1900*1100*1150
Machine net weight: 270KG
Gross weight of the machine: 310kg
Use environment: indoor temperature 10℃-30℃
Screen size: 43 inches
Video format: MP4
Refrigeration temperature: -18℃~-25℃

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Product Description

1. The perfect integration of shopping and games makes shopping more fun
2. Multi-modes of shopping, challenge, and games can be freely matched to meet various business needs
3. Self-service sales, unattended, small area, low investment, low operating cost
4. Additional drainage, increase sales; invisible premium, increase profits
5. Remote operation, remote management, message push, saving labor, saving time and more convenient
6. One advertising terminal per machine, the more you put, the greater the added value


The competition in the industry is great, and the channels are difficult to expand!
Drainage is less realized, sales can’t go up!
If operating costs are high, profits become thinner!
Large investment in transformation, high risk of trial and error!

See how the fun shopping ice cream vending machine breaks the game?
1. One machine, one retail location, directly facing the terminal, and quickly deploying locations: shopping malls, scenic spots, pedestrian streets, communities, schools, convenience stores;
2. Coming to consume is not necessarily to buy ice cream, just want to play, only to find that it is not only fun, but also delicious, come next time;
3. There are no high shop rents and labor costs… etc., the savings are also profits;
4. If you want to change the business model or exchange seasonal products, just adjust the machine settings, it’s not that complicated.

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