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Cotton candy machine-T95

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Machine Model:T95

Machine power consumption:244W~2488W

Voltage:AC220V 50HZ

Cleaning water consumption:10pcs suager / L

Sugar consumption:25pcs sugar / KG

Humidification water consumption:3-9L/8hours*2

Machine dimension:1472*741*1733mm

Gross weight:350KG

Environment temperature:Indoor temperature 0°C/40°C

Maximum inclination of transport:30°

Scrren size:21.5inch

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Product Description

1.Automatic sugar production:

solves the traditional manual sugar adding process, the whole process can be controlled only by pressing the button, which is convenient, saves time and solves potential safety hazards

2. Automatic humidification:

It solves the problem that the marshmallow is not formed, and the production process is humidified by itself. The fancy is easier to make and the time is happier.

3.Automatic cleaning:

The furnace head does not need to be manually cleaned, which prevents scalds caused by manual manual cleaning. The cleaning process can be completed only by turning on the switch.

4.Free adjustment of temperature:

The production process can be adjusted freely according to the environment, and the standby mode only needs to adjust the appropriate position, and the temperature rises quickly.

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