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Daily maintenance of the fun shopping ice cream vending machine

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The fins of the condenser of the ice cream vending machine freezer should be cleaned with a brush every one month or so to improve the heat dissipation effect. Use neutral soap or special detergent for cleaning.

※It should be noted that the power supply of the freezer should not be forcibly cut off. If the power supply is forcibly cut off, the power supply is turned on immediately when the refrigerant has a high pressure. The high pressure causes the motor to be overloaded. At this time, the starting current is about 20-30 times the normal value. . It is easy to burn the compressor. When the freezer is stopped, the temperature in the freezer should drop to a certain temperature value. The power can be cut off only after the thermostat automatically cuts off the power, so the compressor of the freezer cannot be started frequently.

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