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Daily maintenance of the entrepreneurial version of the automatic cotton candy machine

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1) It is strictly forbidden to directly unplug the power to shut down at any time. You should follow the shutdown steps to enter the touch screen and click the shutdown operation. Wait until the temperature drops below 60 degrees Celsius before shutting down, otherwise there will be a risk of coil burnout.
2) The marshmallow cannot be sugared during the production process. In addition, when adding sugar, the sugar in the sugar box should not be too full, otherwise it will cause sugar jam. After adding sugar, click the touch screen to enter the background to view the material, and click according to the color of the added sugar The corresponding material is added to confirm,
3) Click the start button on the touch screen, and the furnace head will rotate. Therefore, make sure that the water basin is installed before starting the machine, and all doors must be closed.
4) The bucket for cleaning the furnace head and the bucket for collecting waste water should be connected to the corresponding pipelines, and cannot be interchanged.
5) When doing internal cleaning, it must be shut down according to the standard process and the machine can be cleaned after disconnecting the power supply.
6) When moving the machine, move it steadily and avoid bumps. Long-distance transportation requires internal parts to be fixed and transported
7) When the machine has an alarm, follow the procedure to restore and eliminate it.

8) Clean the machine and the drip tray before leaving get off work every time,
9) Clean the water in the waste water bucket and the clean water bucket in the machine, and clean the filter
10) Moisten the rag to clean the profiling knife

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