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Common problems and solutions of the ice cream vending machine

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1. There is no response when booting up

Answer: Check whether the input power is normal. Check whether the power switch is turned on.

2. The coin acceptor does not work

Answer: Check whether the coin acceptor circuit is in good contact. Check that the coin acceptor is normal.

Answer: Check whether the control board is normal.

3. The lights are not bright

Answer: Check whether the power supply and connectors are normal. Check whether the light bar is damaged.

4. Gifts are not counted

Answer: Check whether the power supply and photoeye are normal. Check whether the stopwatch is damaged.

5. Scan QR code to pay

Check whether the payment box is bound to the connection. BCheck the power supply of the box.

6. The crane can’t move left and right or back and forth

Answer: Check whether the joystick cable and joystick are normal. B. Check whether the motor of the crane is normal.

Answer: Check the circuit of the crane connected to the main board.

7. The machine temperature exceeds the limit alarm

Answer: Check whether the settings are normal. Check if the refrigerator is working properly.

8. No sound

Answer: Check whether the set volume is turned off and on. Check whether the motherboard and speaker cables are normal.

9. The start button does not respond

Check whether the keys are normal. Check the wiring from the motherboard to the button.

10. The crown block cannot be reset

Answer: Check whether the settings are normal. Turn off the power and restart the machine.

11. Crane paws cannot be closed or normally closed

Answer: Check whether the crane motor is short-circuited. Check whether the voltage setting of the paw is normal.

Answer: Check the connected circuit and motherboard.

12. The advertising player does not play

Answer: A. Check whether the memory card is connected properly. B. Check whether there is a file or the format in the memory card is normal.

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